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Deep Gourmet Roaster Bundle – Dome Lids

This bundle includes a Large and a Small Deep Gourmet Roaster, offering ample space for soups, stews, casseroles, and more.

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Unlock new possibilities in your kitchen with our Deep Gourmet Roaster Bundle, designed to elevate your cooking experience with versatility and convenience. This bundle features two essential roasters—Large and Small—crafted to accommodate a variety of culinary creations.

The Large Deep Gourmet Roaster is perfect for cooking generous portions of soups, stews, or braised dishes, thanks to its spacious interior and deep design. Whether you’re preparing a hearty family meal or entertaining guests, this roaster delivers exceptional results every time.

For smaller servings or side dishes, the Small Deep Gourmet Roaster offers a compact yet functional solution. Its deep bowl provides ample space for cooking vegetables, grains, or individual portions of casseroles with ease.

Both roasters are available in Sandstorm and Country Style, allowing you to choose the perfect aesthetic for your kitchen. Plus, with the option of Dome or Flat Lids, you can tailor your cooking experience to suit your preferences.

Experience the convenience and versatility of deep roasting with our Deep Gourmet Roaster Bundle. Whether you’re cooking for a crowd or enjoying a cosy meal at home, this set is sure to become an indispensable part of your kitchen repertoire.


Large Deep Gourmet Roaster : [V]4000ml [H]180mm [D]255mm
Small Deep Gourmet Roaster : [V]1700ml [H]130mm [D]195mm