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Foody Bowl

Indulge in the timeless beauty and functionality of our Foody Bowl, with a volume of 600ml, height of 60mm, length of 220mm, and width of 150mm. Available in Sandstorm and Country Style, it’s the perfect vessel for hearty, filling meals.

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Experience the epitome of handmade beauty with our Foody Bowl, crafted to perfection for both style and functionality. With a generous volume of 600ml, height of 60mm, length of 220mm, and width of 150mm, this bowl offers ample space for your favourite dishes. Available in both Sandstorm and Country Style, it seamlessly combines rustic charm with elegant design.

We echo the sentiments of Prof. Charles Spence, who beautifully articulated the sensory experience of dining from a bowl: “When you pick up a bowl of food, you immediately feel like you’re going to have a hearty, filling meal. The weight in your hand and the intense fragrance of having the food close to you create an intimacy that’s just lost when eating from a plate.”

Embrace the intimacy and sensory delight of dining with our Foody Bowl. Elevate your dining experience with Argilla Pottery – where handmade beauty meets timeless elegance.


[V]600ml [H]60mm [L]220mm [W]150mm