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Our trademark red-clay products are not only beautiful but durable too. Each product is handmade, making them unique and perfect in its imperfections. You’ll notice slight colour variations and sizes and shapes may differ from each other. This is perfectly normal and your guarantee that your product was lovingly made by hand, from the first mould right through to the glazing and finally the firing process.

Kindly note that the manufacturing of handmade items takes time. Delivery may therefore take between 4-6 weeks. Your Argilla marketer will keep you notified of the progress of your order. Gift vouchers are available for those last minute purchases.

Colours & motifs​

Argilla has two main colour options: A natural earthy brown – SANDSTORM and a beautiful white and black, designed to look like old enamel crockery (complete with chip-marks) – COUNTRY STYLE.

As motifs we have: Windmill swatch ss w swatch cs w and Christian Crockery swatch ss swatch cs in English or Afrikaans. We also still have our classic Argilla Art swatch ss a – only available in Sandstorm.

>> View our catalogue for a complete overview of all our products and the colours/motifs they come in.

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Please keep in mind: Because our products are hand made and unique, sizes can never be exact.