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The Argilla Oval Salad Bowl and a Steak Plate filled with Polenta Salad.

Care Instructions and Tips

Although Argilla products are generally more durable, they still have to be handled with care. All our products are made from clay so they do not have a warranty against breakage BUT with the correct care, your products can last for years to come.


No stove-tops

Pottery may never be used on stove plates, open fire or under the grill of an oven. Note: Your meat will brown beautifully from within your roaster so no grilling will be required.

No pre-heating

Products are always to be placed in a cold oven so that they can heat up gradually with the oven. Added bonus: You save on electricity!

Add a little liquid

Always cover the base of your bowls with a little liquid to start the steam roasting process.

Handle with care

Your Argilla products are fragile and should be used with care and love.

Check the temperature

It is safe to cook and bake at 180°C but 160°C is recommended, especially when using the Oval Roasters. Gas Ovens/Air Fryers: Use at 140°C for the first 30 minutes then increase to 160 – 180°C

Easy does it

Avoid temperature-shock at all times. Don’t add cold liquids to hot pottery or extremely hot liquids to cold pottery. Frozen vegetables should always be rinsed/thawed before adding them to a warm dish.

Allow to rest

After cooking, switch off the oven and allow your pottery to cool down for about 10 minutes before taking it out of the oven.

A warm welcome

Always place warm pottery on a wooden- or similar surface. Remember to avoid cold air from blowing over your hot pottery.

Argilla is oven (electrical, gas and convection), air fryer, microwave and dishwasher safe.



It is safe to use Argilla Pottery in the dishwasher but every once in a while your pottery, especially the roasters will need a little extra cleaning power. Spray your roasters with oven cleaner and leave it overnight. It will look brand new the next morning.


When preparing one-bowl dishes, combine hard vegetables like potatoes and carrots and soft vegetables like mushrooms and baby marrows. This will ensure that all the vegetables are cooked evenly and that there’s no need to open the oven halfway during the cooking process to add soft vegetables.

Cleaning with Oven Cleaner